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Belt filter press | Hanlon-Juice Equipment

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  • 2000KG
    Weight(Specific to actual production)
  • 1-20t/h
    Production capacity
  • 14.7kw-41.37kw
    Equipped with power
  • 5420×3430×2420mm
    Dimensions(Specific to actual production)
Belt type juicing machine
  • Belt type juicing machine

    Belt filter press

  • Belt type juicing machine

    Belt filter press

  • Belt type juicing machine


  • Belt type juicing machine


  • Belt type juicing machine

    Belt filter press

Product video


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Juicing test machine debugging
Product parameter
    Model DYJ-3 DYJ-5 DYJ-10 DYJ-20    
    Production capacity 1-3 3-5 5-10 10-20    
    Linear speed of filter belt 5 5.7 7.95 6.3    
    Main drive speed 11 9.5 11 8.2    
    Monitor rate 1.5 3 4 5.5    
    Flushing pump power 11 7.5 15 30    
    Flushing pump flow 50 16 16 32    
    Washing pump head 32 94 189 378    
    Reflux pump power 2.2 5.5 5.5 5.5    
    Reflux pump flow 12.5 25 25 25    
    Reflux pump head 20 32 32 32    
    Power of cloth wheel   0.37 0.37 0.37    
    Compressed air consumption 1m3/h    
    Compressed air pressure 0.6MPa    
    Inlet height 1160 1840 2045 1920    
    Press belt size 7780×800 11170× 1200 14300×1750 16800×2500    
    Dimensions 3100×1475×1820 3940×2085×2430 5000×2780×2560 5420×3430×2420    
Product details


This machine uses multiple pressing rollers to squeeze the material that enters the filter. The machine has the characteristics of automatic feeding and discharging, continuous work, full squeezing, high juice yield, and low residue moisture content. It is widely used in the process of fruit and vegetable juice extraction.


1. Overview

A  product features, uses

This machine is carefully developed by our company to digest and absorb foreign advanced belt type juicing machine. It has energy-saving, automatic feeding and discharging, continuous work, full squeezing, and filtering. The cake has the characteristics of low moisture content, which is widely used in fruit and vegetable juice extraction and environmental protection process. Used for squeezing apple juice, the juice yield is as high as 75-78%, which is 35% higher than other original domestic models.

2, Structural features and working principle

See attached picture 1. The machine consists of a frame, an upper and lower drive shaft, a deceleration drive assembly, a press roller combination, a filter press belt, and a cleaning belt assembly , Feeding components, tensioning device, belt rectifying components, booster device, safety protection device, air pressure control component, cleaning water filter device, etc.

The motor is infinitely variable under the command of the inverter, which can realize continuous and stable constant power speed regulation. The squeezing belt is woven by the warp and weft of nylon silk, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, in line with food hygiene, easy to produce juice, non-absorbent, and high strength.

Press roller: According to the logistics direction, the radius of the contact roller decreases and the curvature becomes larger. The L-shaped pressure roller has a unique and reasonable structure. Various pressure roller configurations include stainless steel rollers and rubber-lined rollers, and the size distribution is reasonable.

The tension of the press belt is automatically tensioned by airbags, which is not only stable but also avoids overload, is safe and reliable, and is equipped with a pressure relay, which can automatically and safely stop , Realize the whole process automation.

The cleaning of the press belt adopts spiral surface (curved) filter screen to automatically filter and discharge slag. It is equipped with a high-pressure pump and spray device, which can be easily The filter press belt is cleaned at the filter side, so that the machine has a good juice extraction effect and saves energy.

Working principle: (see Figure 2) The refined raw materials (solid-liquid mixture) are continuously pumped into the feed hopper by the screw pump (the bandwidth of the material can be adjusted), and the material is evenly distributed by the pressing roller. In the downward-curved wedge-shaped area, a large amount of water is slowly pressed out to form a squeezable filter cake. During the pressing, a pressing roller with an L-shaped bead presses out the water and ensures that the water quickly overflows from both sides. In the future, the diameter of the pressure roller decreases gradually, and the filter belt is S-shaped, which produces increasing surface pressure and shear force to ensure a better dehydration effect. In order to further increase the dehydration rate, an additional pressure roller that can generate linear pressure and peripheral pressure is added. . The dewatered filter cake is scraped off by a wear-resistant material scraper, and both filter belts are continuously flushed by high-pressure nozzles to ensure continuous high-pressure effect. The spray washing water is automatically filtered, slag discharged, and recycled through the arc-shaped filter screen through the return pump to save energy.

3, Installation, adjustment

1. The space on both sides of the press shall not be less than 2.5m.                                                                            

2. During the hoisting process, the pressure roller shall not be used to carry the load.

3. After positioning, level with a level to fix the support base.

4. Check one by one whether each press roller is flexible.

5. Add the specified grease to each pressure roller.

6. Check whether each sink is firmly installed.

7. Connect various power and control electrical equipment, install various liquid level and material level control electrical appliances.

8. Test the energized equipment separately, and see the steering sign for the pump steering.

9. Check whether the gas path is correct.

10. Trial run, and repeatedly try whether the safety stop is effective, and whether the belt correction device is effective.

11. Cut off the power supply, clean the whole machine, and install the pressure filter belt without any obstacles to the operation of the belt.

12. Swelling tightly.

13. Formally test the machine with water.

14. Idling of the test run shall not be less than 3 times, each for 3 hours.

15. When the re-check is correct, the material can be officially put into continuous production.

16. Parking: Empty carrying and cleaning, keep the inside and outside of the machine, especially the pressure roller and pressure filter belt clean, and cut off the power supply air source.

17. Check the equipment regularly and add grease to each lubrication part regularly.

4, Production operation rules

1. Fill the tank with clean water.

2. Start the air compressor and reach the specified pressure for standby (air pressure 0.7Mpa, consumption 1m3/h).

3. Close the air release valve, open the intake valve, adjust 4 booster valves, tighten the upper and lower belts, the pressure of the pressure gauge is 0.2-0.3 Mpa, the pressure of the upper belt is slightly lower than that of the lower belt, the correction pressure is 0.4Mpa, and the pressure of the pressure roller is 0.35-0.4Mpa.

4. Turn on the main power (spindle speed is controlled at 8r/min), turn on the cloth roller, cleaning pump, and water collection tank after a certain amount of water and turn on the return flow Pump.

5. Start the feed pump or elevator.

6. During the production process, depending on the water capacity in the storage tank, add fresh water at the right time.

7. Turn off the feed pump or elevator when shutting down, clean the upper and lower belts without load, and close the cleaning pump and return pump after the belt is cleaned. Spray and wash the rotating cloth roller and other parts except the filter belt, keep the inside and outside of the machine clean, turn off the power and air source, and open the air release valve.

5. Maintenance

1. Check the equipment regularly, and regularly inject grease into each lubrication part (such as bearing parts, gear parts).

2, Pour lubricating oil into the reducer at the right time. When the main power is a continuously variable transmission, ub-1 traction fluid must be added (see the instructions on the label on the machine for details).



Special warning

▲All pumps are strictly prohibited from idling or reversing without material!                  

▲The host is strictly prohibited from idling and reversing!

▲It is strictly forbidden for foreign objects to enter between the pressure filter belt and the pressure roller!     

▲The automatic air inlet and outlet switch (valve) shall not work for a long time under the airless working state (10 minutes limit)!


Belt type juicing machine



1, Frame 2, Lower drive shaft 3, Upper drive shaft 4, Continuously variable transmission 

5, With correction mechanism 6, Pressure filter belt 7, Cleaning belt assembly 8, Feed piece 

9. Expansion parts 10, Pressure roller combination 11, Booster device

Belt type juicing machine working principle diagram


Schematic diagram of DYJ belt type juicing machine system




Rotary valve installation instructions and structure diagram

1, Installation and use

1. Fix the valve body on the bracket.

2, Install the correction baffle into the fasteners for preliminary tightening.

3. Install the fasteners on the valve spindle, keeping a 2mm distance from the end face of the valve body, pay attention to the shaft file opening upward, and the valve body The center lines are parallel, dislocation is strictly prohibited, and the fasteners are tightened.

4. Connect the total air intake, connect the air bag air pipe, open the air valve to supply air, and slowly move the correction baffle by hand to see the air bag and the air pipe Whether the installation is synchronized, and the two air pipes are interchanged if not synchronized.

5. According to the specific working conditions, adjust the front and rear positions of the correction baffle in time to advance and retreat. You can also move the bracket as a whole to adjust it to a better position and firmness.

6. The correction baffle must always be in contact with the mesh belt, and the center of gravity can be adjusted to one side of the mesh belt in a small range, but attention must be paid to the file on the shaft. The direction is always upward and parallel to the centerline of the valve body.

2, Structure diagram


1, Left valve body 2, Baffle 3, File mouth 4, Shaft 5, Fastener 6, Right valve body</span >


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