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Introduction to the classification and types of fruit sorting machines
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Introduction to the classification and types of fruit sorting machines

Author:HanLong Date:2021-5-22

The fruit sorting machine analyzes the characteristic information of all appearance quality indicators such as the shape, size, color, surface defect and damage of the fruit, and judges the grade of each fruit and the position information of the fruit, and then realizes its intelligence Chemical real-time detection and grading, and then the fruit is graded and packaged. The application of fruit grading machine in actual production will help improve labor productivity and fruit commodity value, and increase agricultural benefits and farmers’ income, with huge economic and social benefits.

Fruit grading machines can be divided into fruit sorting machines, fruit sorting machines, high-strength fruit sorting machines, etc. according to their types. According to their sizes, they can be divided into large fruit grading machines, medium fruit grading machines, small fruit grading machines and There are different types of equipment such as mini fruit grading machine, so its advantages and focus will be different. When purchasing equipment, users pay special attention to its service life. The following is a detailed description of the issues that users care about. Introduction.

As we all know, only the quality of long-life equipment will be more guaranteed, and at the same time, such equipment will create more benefits for users. Therefore, in the process of equipment development, the quality control is quite strict, and the excellence and meticulousness are mainly reflected in the details and the processing process. Therefore, the quality of the equipment developed by us is more guaranteed, and the high-quality equipment can be praised by more users. With favor, the service life of such equipment can be extended by 8-10 years. Users have given a very high evaluation and recognition for this, and the sales of its equipment have also been greatly increased in the process.