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Industrial juicer purchase and sterilization
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Industrial juicer purchase and sterilization

Author:HanLong Date:2021-8-23

The purchasing skills of industrial fruit juicer are as follows:
1. The operation of industrial fruit juicer is very simple, but its high-speed operation will bring certain risks, so industrial fruit juicer must have safety protection function and protection design. Industrial fruit juicer is generally equipped with safety locking device, and the machine cannot work normally if the accessories are not installed properly, so you can try to start the power carefully when purchasing.Check whether the machine is equipped with safety locking device.
2. The industrial fruit juicer needs to be cleaned after use, but cleaning is simple and easy, which is mainly to clean the residue left inside the industrial fruit juicer. For the sake of healthy diet, cleaning becomes very important. For the convenience of cleaning in the future, it is necessary to choose a better juicer.
3. Pay attention to the function when choosing industrial fruit juicer. A good juicer is mainly reflected in the juicing effect. It is best to test it on the spot. Only when the juicing is clean and thorough and the moisture content in the pomace is small is a good machine. It is best to choose several different fruit tests in the field test, so as to truly test the juicing capacity of the juicer.
4. The parts of juicer should be of high quality, especially the parts such as blades. These are the core components of juicer, so it is necessary to check whether the quality is high. The quality is durable, and there will be no frequently replaced parts. If you can send more, let the sales staff send more.
5. The speed of industrial fruit juicer must be constant and slow. At least below 100 rpm, preferably 70-90 rpm. There is no noise and little vibration when the industrial fruit juicer rotates. Whether turning on or off the machine can stop turning immediately.
6. Choose the shell of industrial fruit juicer. Because this is for the drinks we drink, the plastic of the juicer must be clean and hygienic. Ensure that the plastic of juicer will not give off the taste of plastic, which can guarantee the health of human body.

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Introduction of sterilization process of industrial juicer
Industrial juicer is the main equipment of beverage production, and its key component PLL affects the efficiency of beverage production process. With the continuous advancement of high-rhythm life, the beverage industry has developed rapidly, and the continuous demand for products makes the demand for food equipment production increase.

The whole industrial juicer adopts advanced technologies such as man-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer program control, frequency converter control, etc., and has the functions of material high temperature alarm, low temperature shutdown and automatic backflow, automatic control of cap supply system, no bottle without cap, bottle missing waiting, filling temperature self-detection and cap missing shutdown. The three sterilization processes of food equipment filling production line are:
1. When the temperature of the material is reduced to 85-95℃, the filling is completed at high temperature, and the material is kept at high temperature for a certain time, which can ensure the sterilization effect.
2. Sterilize the bottle cap by using the remaining temperature of filling.
3. After the tea juice is blended, it is sterilized by a sterilizer at high temperature.

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