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What do you need to pay attention to buying fruit juice processing machine?
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What do you need to pay attention to buying fruit juice processing machine?

Author:HanLong Date:2021-8-24

How to choose a fruit juice processing machine?
At present, juice processing equipment on the market is increasingly recognized by consumers, especially organs, school cafeteria, and merchants, and greatly saved human resources costs, and has achieved a half-mean effect. How should consumers choose to face juice processing equipment that have a wide range of markets in the market? Now share with everyone how to choose juice processing equipment.

1. Look at the use. The juice processing equipment can be made into various types of fruits and vegetables such as Ding, silk, sheet, and stuffing according to the use of unused purposes, so the merchant must have a side focus when choosing. For example, the CP series of felt machine is used for making buns / dumplings, and the cut slicer can be slice, but also cut, but also stainless steel, the price is very high.
2, see the material. At present, the same type of juice processing equipment in the market, the price is all, in addition to the workmanship, there is a great difference. The common mixed press in the market is an example. Price from 1000-4000 yuan price varies. The outer casing uses 201 stainless steel, which is in line with the national food safety standards. The lid is an organic glass material, configuring an integrated circuit control system, a low pressure operation, and the design has a parking function, the safety performance is good; the motor adopts a copper core motor; thus leading to similar products.

Industrial fruit juicer machine

Which conditions have good fruit juice processing machine?
If you want to buy quality, moderate equipment, you need to understand the materials, power, knife network design and some certification qualifications. The general situation is as follows:
1. Raw materials: food grade 304 stainless steel raw materials, it is not easy to be absorbed by magnets, corrosion resistance, and easy to clean. Plastics and stainless steel materials can be absorbed by magnets, juice is easily oxidized, simple, easy to be corroded, rust, and breed.
2. Power: Preferred high-power juicer. The larger the power, the faster the speed, the higher the juice. The juicer with a rotational speed greater than 26,000 rpm / min is more juice.
3. Knife Network Plan: The knife network is a relatively loss. The home appliance industry has launched the titanium coating knife network, which greatly improves the hardness and service life of the knife network. The diameter of the cutting network is also an important goal. The larger the diameter of the cut network, the smaller the amount of juice, and the smaller the diameter of the cut network is easy to be blocked by juice, so it is not durable.
4. Quality certification: Juicer is a mandatory 3C certified product. Be sure to distinguish whether the product is 3C certified to avoid inferior products.

fruit juice processing machine


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