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Selection requirements of fruit and vegetable juice making machine
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Selection requirements of fruit and vegetable juice making machine

Author:HanLong Date:2021-8-25

Selection requirements for vegetable juicer
The development of vegetable juicers is getting faster and faster, vegetable juice, and fruit juice have gradually become a fashion trend, so the juicer has developed rapidly. The selection of vegetable juicers is very important, and the quality of vegetable juice has an impact.

First of all, the quality of the vegetable juicer is good, do not change the parts, beautiful appearance, and the product is gloss, there is no sharp angle, and it is safe to ensure the safe and convenient launch of raw materials. The high-quality juicer should be juiced and thoroughly, and the water contained in the residue is less, such vegetable juice plant fiber content is high, which is advantageous for intestinal digestion. The juicer must have a separation device that can be separated from the vegetable sauce and dish, and the cleaning is also relatively simple. Safety is also the point of choice, and the good juicer has a secure locking device with power cord storage, ensuring security during use.

Now the good juicer can handle the heavy metal substances in vegetables, because many vegetables will play pesticides. For people’s health, it is necessary to peel off pesticides and heavy metals for vegetables, which is also the excellent performance of the juicer. So choose a good juicer is important.

Fruits and vegetables are important diet products, people also pay more attention to nutrients, the emergence of juicers is also an extension of sales, and sales of multiple ways bring new opportunities to the industry. Our company seizes opportunities, continuously innovation production in food machinery such as spiral juicer, roller grading machine, drum grade machine, and improves performance and efficiency.

spiral juicing machine

Note Points for Fruit Juicers
The fruit and vegetable juicers should pay attention to many aspects. Before the juice, the fruits and vegetables should be cleaned to remove residual pesticides or gratia. Nuclear fruits with seed or cortical, should first go to the neck, and then cut into elongated strips. The lower speed of the feeding of fruits and vegetables is slow, or the thickness of the fruit is so thin, the higher the relative juice. The juicer is mainly used for fruits and vegetables that are not easily extracted from other ways, so motor speeds are extremely fast. Juicy fruit, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, please use juice machine mixing treatment. There are fruits such as water peaches, plums, apples, please go to the core, so as not to damage the grinding disc. If you accidentally have a nuclear input, you should immediately shut down, and then remove the fruit core after the motor is stopped.

The juicer uses different ways according to different fruit characteristics, using the correct way and pays attention to clean hygiene, ensuring the health of food. Modern people pay more attention to nutrient balance, vegetables and fruits are the nutritional sources necessary for human body, pay attention to diet, maintain the health of the body.

Industrial fruit juicer machine

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