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Carrot Beverage Processing Line



1.Description of Carrot Beverage Processing Line
Suitable for carrot processing, to produce clear juice, turbid juice, juice concentrate and fermented beverages. This production line is mainly composed of cleaning machine, elevating machine, blanching machine, cutting machine, crusher, preheater, pulper, sterilization machine and filling machine. This production line design features advanced design idea, high degree of automation; Main equipments are all made of high quality food grade stainless steel, accords with the hygienic requirements.


* Capacity varies from 3tons/day to 1500tons/day.

*Able to handle carrot process

*Can produce clear juice, turbid juice, juice concentrate and fermented beverages

*By blanching to prevent from browning

*Through slaking tank to soften the organization, to increase the rate of juice

*Through blending to obtain different flavors of drink.

* The whole line features high automatic degree, saves labor power remarkdly.

*Build-in CIP system to make clean easy

*Material contact part of the whole system is 304 stainless steel material, fully meets the food hygiene safety requirements.

3.Flow Chart of  Carrot Processing Line

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