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Citrus/Orange/Lemon Processing Line



1.Introduction of Citrus Processing Line

We produces orange extractor and citrus processing equipment for the global market. Our Citrus Extractor is the heart of citrus processing system and we are the industry leader in citrus extraction technology in China.

2.Features of Citrus Processing Line

  • * The entire production line can also deal with the same characteristics of the fruit, such as orange, lemon, etc..
  • * 3 models of the juice extractor can be choosed.
  • * According to the needs of customers can determine whether the need to separate the essential oil system.
  • * The final product can ensure the original nutrition and flavor.
  • * The advanced enzymatic hydrolysis separation system ensures the product quality and yield.
  • * According to the requirements of customers can choose to focus on the import and domestic.
  • * Full use of man-machine interface control, the production process is intuitive and easy control and operation, high automation, reduce labor costs.
  • * The whole production line includes automatic cleaning system.

3.Processing of Citrus Processing Line

  1. Fruit receive and first step cleaning;
  2. Fruit storage system with elevator and storage bin;
  3. Fruit cleaning and sorting;
  4. Fruit grading to different sizes group;
  5. Cup-type squeeze extractor;
  6. Juice refiner and separator;
  7. Concentrating by evaporator;
  8. Pasteurizer and aseptic drum filler;
  9. Fruit pulp refiner and sterilizer;
  10. Fruit oil collection and separator;
  11. Fruit peels drying system to make animal feed;
  12. CIP cleaning system;
  13. Installation and commissioning, training.


4.Turnkey Project Flow Diagram

5.Technical Data of Citrus Processing Line

Raw material

Citrus, Fresh orange, lemon, etc.

Finished product

Concentrated Juice, NFC Fresh Nature Juice,Oil,Orange pulp

Processing capacity

From 20tons/day to 2000 tons/day

Efficient input

45% raw fruit (55% as waste, peels and seeds)

Fruit consistence


End package

Aseptic bag/tin can/glass bottle/PET bottle


Can be calculated

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7.End Product



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