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Apple, Pear processing technology

1.Description of Apple/Pear Processing Line

Fruit reception lines are designed to satisfy the most rigorous standards of hygiene in cleaning the raw material. Then highly sophisticated mills ensure optimized mash preparation. Featuring a unique drainage system,  Belt Press with an optimizing control system gives a maximum yield of top quality juices with very low sediment content. Equipped with ultrafiltration system, membrane filtration systems produce clear and stable juices. Adsorption and ion exchange systems allow further purification of liquid foods, while multistage vacuum evaporators come with sterilization and aseptic filling unit.
To assure outstanding ease and reliability of operation, we also provide an electronic monitoring and control system. And to round off the range of high-tech machines, we offer comprehensive engineering services, installation supervision, commissioning support and operator training.

2.Features of Apple/Pear Processing Line

* The processing capacity is varied from 60 tons/day to 2000 tons/day.

* The line can be shared for processing other fruits such as pear.

* Belt press is specially used and the whole extraction last only 1~2 minutes, which allows to maintain products freshness.

* The extraction rate is especially no less than 75%.

* A complete set of R.O. water treatment system can be provided if needed.

* Automatic ultra-filtration unit which can achieve the effect of automatic starting and automatic control of the filtering temperature.

* The end products are of good taste and nice color.

* Multi-effect evaporator can be chosen for different capacity.

* It can be processed to either concentrated juice or clear juice.

* Either fully automatic line or semi-automatic line can be chosen according to the cost.

3.Specification of Apple/Pear Processing Line

Raw material

Fresh apple,pear

End product

Concentrated juice, clear juice

Processing capacity

From 60tons/day to 2000 tons/day

Efficient input

75% raw fruit (25% as waste,peels and seeds)

Fruit consistence


Product consistence

70~72Brix for concentrated juice

End package

Aseptic bag/tin can/glass bottle/PET bottle


Can be calculated

4.Flow Chart of Apple/Pear Processing Line
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