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Characteristics of screw conveyor and its control structure
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Characteristics of screw conveyor and its control structure

Author:HanLong Date:2021-8-27

Screw conveyor has the following characteristics:
1. The structure is relatively simple and the cost is relatively low.
2. Reliable work and simple maintenance and management ..
3. Compact size, small cross-sectional size and small floor space. Easy unloading operation in the entrance and exit doors and crew cabins.
4. Sealed transportation can be realized, which is beneficial for enterprises to transport materials which are easy to fly, hot and have strong smell, can reduce environmental pollution and improve the operation design conditions of Chinese workers in ports in China.
5. Convenient loading and unloading, horizontal screw conveyor can be loaded and unloaded at any point on its conveying line, and vertical screw conveyor can be equipped with relative screw feeding device with excellent material taking performance ..
6. It can be moved backward, and also allows the conveyor to convey materials in two directions at the same time, i.e. set to the center or away from the center.
7. Large unit energy consumption.
8. Materials are easy to grind and wear in the process of transportation development, and the wear of spiral blades and chute is also serious.

screw conveyor

Basic characteristics of spiral control structure:
1. There are three types of spiral blades of conveyor: solid passing helicoid type, belt helicoid type and blade adopting helicoid type. Solid helicoid is called S method, and its spiral pitch GX type is 0.8 times of different diameters of blades. LS type spiral conveyor can be suitable for conveying powdery and granular materials in enterprises. Belt helicoid, also known as d manufacturing method,Its spiral pitch is the same as the diameter of spiral blade surface, which is suitable for conveying powdery and small materials in society. The application research of vane-type helicoid is less, mainly including materials with high viscosity and compressibility used in national transportation system. In the process of transportation management, we also complete our own mixing and mixing processes, and its spiral pitch is about 1. 5% of the diameter of a spiral blade.Twice as much.

2. The spiral blades of the conveyor have two rotational directions: left-handed and right-handed.

3. The types of conveyors are horizontally divided into fixed screw conveyors and vertical screw conveyors. Horizontal fixed screw conveyor is a special type commonly used. The vertical screw conveyor manufacturer’s technology is used to realize short-distance data to upgrade the company’s materials. The conveying information attaches great importance to the general requirement of not more than 8m, and the screw blade is of solid surface type.It must have the ability to continuously screw feed horizontally to ensure the feeding time pressure required by students.

4. 1/2~1 circle of reverse influence spiral sheet should be set at the material market outlet end of 4.LS and GX screw conveyors to prevent powder from blocking the end

5. The conveyor is composed of screw machine body, material inlet and outlet and driving production device.

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