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Selection of fruit processing raw materials
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Selection of fruit processing raw materials

Author:HanLong Date:2021-8-28

Fruit processing equipment uses fruits and berries as raw materials, which are treated by physical, chemical or biological methods (inhibiting the activity of enzymes and spoilage bacteria or killing spoilage bacteria), and then processed into food to achieve the purpose of preservation. Fruit processing can improve fruit flavor, increase edible value and economic benefit, and effectively prolong fruit supply time.Common fruit processing methods include dry dehydration, sugar storage, canning, quick freezing at low temperature and brewing by fermenting fruits. The corresponding dry products, candied products, canned products, frozen products and fermented products were prepared by various methods.

Industrial fruit juicer machine

The selection of raw materials for fruit processing is considered from the aspects of yield, supply period, storage period, proportion of edible parts, physical properties, chemical composition and sensory quality. The organizational structure and chemical composition of fruits depend on the varieties and maturity of raw materials, and the high yield, processing adaptability and harvest time of fruits are directly related to varieties.General processing raw materials require good fruit texture, normal flavor, many edible parts, suitable size and moderate maturity. With different processing methods and processing purposes, the requirements for raw materials are also different. For the production of canned fruits in sugar water, fresh and good fruits with proper sugar-acid ratio, thick meat quality, tight and meticulous texture and heat treatment resistance should be selected.The required maturity is slightly lower than that of fresh food (about 8-9 maturity). To make fruit juice and fruit wine, it is advisable to use raw materials with rich juice, moderate sweetness and acidity and strong fragrance. For example, snow orange, golden orange, summer orange, Kangke grape and solute peach can make juice; Red tangerine, mandarin orange, sweet orange, grape and hawthorn can be used to make fruit wine.The raw materials for producing jam should contain high pectin and fruit acid, and have bright colors such as apricot, hawthorn, citrus and apple. To produce preserved fruits and candied fruits, it is required to select fruits with low moisture content, high sugar content, flexible texture, thick meat and small core, less fiber content, storage and transportation resistance and heat-resistant cooking. For frozen fruits, high adaptability to frozen preservation is required.It has outstanding flavor and color.

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