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Principle and application of screw conveyor
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Principle and application of screw conveyor

Author:HanLong Date:2021-8-31

Brief introduction of screw conveyor
Common conveying modes of screw conveyor
Lubrication method of screw conveyor
Method for preventing rusting of screw conveyor

Brief introduction of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is generally composed of conveyor body, material inlet and outlet and driving device. There are three types of spiral blades of screw conveyor: solid helicoid, belt helicoid and blade helicoid. Among them, the application of blade helicoid is relatively rare, which is mainly used for conveying materials with high viscosity and compressibility. This spiral suspension type,At the same time, it has the functions of stirring and mixing materials. Compared with other conveying equipment, screw conveyor has the advantages of small cross-section size, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, multi-point loading and unloading in the middle, safe operation and simple maintenance.

screw conveyor

Common conveying modes of screw conveyor

1. centrifugal induction method:
It is used for vertical screw conveyors with steep inclination or any screw conveyor with high rotating speed. Under the high rotating speed of screw, loose materials are affected by centrifugal force far more than other external forces such as gravity.
Second, the pushing method:
This method is used for the unloading and conveying screw at the bottom of the warehouse. The material is often filled with screw, and the static pressure of granular material is greater than other acting forces (screw thrust, friction and static pressure); The resistance of this kind of screw is very great. It has to overcome the problem that the larger material seems to be a nut and the screw acts like a screw. As long as the nut does not rotate (or rotates slowly), the screw is rotated.The discharge screw at the bottom of the silo often adopts variable pitch screw, and the pitch at the outlet end is larger.
Third, gravity sliding down method:
The rotating speed of the screw is low, and the material on the screw surface is affected by gravity far more than centrifugal force, and slides down along the screw surface, thus producing axial displacement. The screw conveyor basically belongs to this principle; The screw of this principle is less than 0.5; Because of too much filling, the material does not slide down along the spiral surface, but is stirred by the spiral to make it fall over the spiral axis;Since the material with slow spiral is greatly influenced by gravity, it obviously cannot be used for vertical spiral or with large inclination angle, which has small value and low conveying capacity, but the material is in a state of easy and loose free rolling and is less squeezed. It is suitable for easy adoption of standard spiral, which can not only keep fast sliding speed, but also have certain adaptability to inclined conveying.

screw conveyor

Lubrication method of screw conveyor

Conveyor operators should pay attention to the maintenance of conveying equipment in their daily work, and the lubrication of screw conveyor is particularly important. The following introduces the lubrication methods commonly used in screw conveyors:
1. check the temperature change of spiral lubrication parts, shafting temperature should be kept within the prescribed range;
2. Oil should be regularly injected and lubricated between the screw rod and nut with pressure or transmission, and the screw rod and nut that are not commonly used should be sealed with oil seal;
3. Keep the tools used in the equipment well, scrub it regularly, check it regularly and keep it clean;
4. automatic oil lubrication points, often check the oil pressure, oil level, temperature and oil pump delivery, found that the problem handled in time;
5. lubrication operators should be inspected on time, pay attention to whether there is oil leakage and abnormal changes in lubrication points, and solve problems in time.

Method for preventing rusting of screw conveyor

In industrial production, conveying materials is one of the links, and the realization of this link requires the transportation function of screw conveying equipment. The use of machinery will inevitably lead to rust. However, in order to prevent the use of rust from being stuck and unsmooth, it is necessary to take correct anti-rust measures to prevent the screw conveyor from rusting.
1. If the steel surface is uneven or scarred, it should be polished and painted.
2. Iron oxide red antirust primer is used as antirust paint. Uniform appearance painting requirements, consistent color.
3. All covering parts of screw conveying equipment must be flat, with neat and beautiful joints.
4. When all kinds of materials come into play, both parties must confirm the appearance of the materials before carrying out anti-rust treatment, and then apply anti-rust paint. The derusting method of screw conveying equipment is not mandatory, but it must be ensured that the steel shows no rust before applying anti-rust paint.

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