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Working principle of belt juicer
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Working principle of belt juicer

Author:HanLong Date:2021-8-31

Working principle of belt juicer
The main machine part of belt juicer consists of frame, upper and lower drive shafts, deceleration drive assembly, filter pressing belt, cleaning belt assembly, feeding assembly, distributing device, tension device, belt deviation correcting assembly, booster device, safety protection device, pneumatic and electric control device, cleaning water filtering device, etc.The supporting equipment is composed of water filtration device (including arc mesh filter and water storage tank), stainless steel vertical multistage pump, spray washing water reflux pump, etc.
When the belt juicer works, the refined raw materials (solid-liquid mixture) are continuously pumped into the feeding hopper by the screw pump (the bandwidth of materials can be adjusted), and are evenly distributed by the distributing roller. In the wedge-shaped area bent downward, a large amount of water is slowly pressed out to form a pressable filter cake; in the pressing area, a pressing roller with an L-shaped pressing strip presses out the water.And ensure that the water quickly overflows from both sides. After that, the diameter of the press roller decreases, and the filter belt is S-shaped, which produces shear force of decreasing surface pressure, thus ensuring the dehydration effect of *. In order to further improve the dehydration rate, a press roller capable of generating linear pressure and peripheral pressure is added. The dewater filter cake is scrape off by a wear-resistant scraper. The two filter belts are constantly washed by high-pressure nozzles,Make the filter belt keep good juice-raising effect. Spray washing water is automatically filtered, deslagging and recycled by a reflux pump through an arc filter screen, thus saving energy. The filter pressing belt is woven with nylon yarn warp and weft, and has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, food hygiene, easy juice extraction, no water absorption, high strength, etc. When working, the air bag is used to tighten the filter pressing belt and a special rotary valve is used to control the deviation of the belt.It is stable, avoids overload, is safe and reliable, and realizes the automation of the whole process.

Performance characteristics of belt juicer
1. Adopt advanced Austrian technology, with beautiful and generous appearance.
2. The structure has high rigidity, stable operation and low noise.
3. Equipped with advanced concentration pretreatment equipment, the sludge flocculation effect is good and the operation cost is low.
4. The gravity dewatering area is equipped with advanced distributor, so that the materials are evenly distributed and the service life of the filter belt is prolonged.
5. With super-long gravity dewatering area and wedge dewatering area, the material is fully dewatered to ensure that the material will not overflow in the pressing area.
6. The arrangement of rollers is scientific and orderly, and gravity dewatering, wedge dewatering and press dewatering are discharged separately without interference. The diameter ratio of the press dewatering roll is large and the dewatering effect is good, so the production capacity is large and energy is saved.
7. Continuous operation from feeding to discharging mud cake, with high degree of automation, and PLC interface can be set as required to facilitate centralized control by microcomputer.
8. The power transmission mechanism adopts mechanical or variable frequency stepless speed regulation, which has wide speed regulation range and wide adaptability.
9. A reliable backwashing device is provided to ensure the dehydration effect of the filter belt.
10. Adopt pneumatic tensioning and pneumatic automatic deviation correction device to ensure the safe and normal operation of the filter belt.
11. The operation is safe and reliable, with infrared safety protection and emergency safety parking device.
12. Filter belts of different specifications can be configured according to different materials, with high filtration precision.

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