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Working efficiency and operation method of crushing juicer
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Working efficiency and operation method of crushing juicer

Author:HanLong Date:2021-9-1

The crushing juicer is a combination of crushing and spiral juicers. Mainly suitable for processing various berries, kernels and vegetables. Today, we will mainly introduce its working efficiency and operation method.

Crushing equipment

Efficiency of crushing juicer
The main component of crushing juicer set is screw. The bottom diameter of screw gradually increases and the pitch gradually decreases along the direction of slag outlet. When materials are pushed by screw, the volume of screw cavity decreases, which results in squeezing of materials.

The rotating direction of the screw spindle, viewed from the feeding hopper to the slag trough, is the direction of needle-following. The raw materials are added into the feeding hopper, and pressed under the advancement of the screw, and the squeezed juice flows into the juice container at the bottom through the filter screen, while the waste materials are discharged through the gap formed between the screw and the conical part of the pressure regulating head, and the axial movement of the pressure regulating head can adjust the size of the gap.When the handwheel bearing seat is transferred clockwise by hand, the gap will be reduced when the pressure regulating head is turned to the left, otherwise, the gap will be enlarged. The juice yield can be changed by changing the size of the gap, that is, adjusting the resistance of the slag. However, if the gap is too small, some slag particles will be squeezed out through the filter screen together with the juice under strong extrusion. Although the juice yield increases, the quality of the juice decreases relatively.The size of the gap should be determined according to the specific process requirements of users.

Crushing equipment

Operation method of crushing juicer
1. align the middle frame vertically with the main engine, put it down and assemble it in place;
2. Press the bottom of the juicing net against the motor wheel, apply even force with both hands, confirm that the pressure is in place, and rotate a few times to see if there is any scratch on the frame;
3. Install the top cover and buckle the safety button;
4. Try the machine to see if the work is normal. If the noise or vibration is too large, it can be reinstalled. Pressing the juicing net in a different position will have a good effect.

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