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Why is the stainless steel spiral juicer?
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Why is the stainless steel spiral juicer?

Author:HanLong Date:2021-9-2

Why is the stainless steel spiral juicer?
Stainless steel spiral fruit and vegetable juice is suitable for use in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. It can be used, such as tangerine, grape, kiwi, mulberry, Yangmei, peach (nuclear), etc., to separate the fruit sauce, fruit seed, peel, can also put green vegetables (cut) tomato, pepper Celery (cut), etc., separated vegetables, and is an ideal machine for jam, juice, vegetable juice, is an important equipment for food processing enterprises. Moreover, its sputum is very high.

Industrial fruit juicer machine

Stainless steel spiral juicer
The main member of the stainless steel spiral juicer is that the spiral is gradually increased in the bottom diameter of the slag, and the pitch gradually decreases. When the material is propelled by the screw, the compression of the material is formed due to the reduction of the spiral cavity. The direction of rotation of the spiral spindle is seen from the feed strip to the slot direction, and is a clockwise direction. In the feedstock, in the feed hopper, pressurized under the propulsion of the spiral, the pressing juice flows into the bottom of the juice by the filter, and the waste is discharged by the annular void formed between the helix and the regulated tapered portion. The pressure regulating head is movable along the axial movement to adjust the size of the gap. Used in clockwise (from the slag groove from the device to the feed “to rotate the hand axle, the regulation head toward the left, the gap is reduced, and the void is large.) Change the size of the gap, that is, adjust the row The resistance of slag. It can change the residue rate, but if the gap is too small, the particles of some slag will be extruded together with the juice, although the juice increases, the quality of the juice is relatively decreased, and the size of the gap should be The user specific process requirements are determined.

Stainless steel spiral juicer

Preparation before the spiral juicer:
Install the machine to the ground and tighten the corner screw;
Open the cylinder, clean the debris, clean it, when cleaning, water should not leak on the electric motor;
Adjusting the squeegee and screen inner wall gap is 1.5-2mm; adjust the scraper spiral angle; turn the spindle is flexible by hand, cover the upper tension screw;
Before the press, the thick fruit should be peeled. Such as: orange, the big nuclear fruit is to be kept, such as: peach, long vegetables should be cut off, garlic dishes should be cut, the big pepper is cut off, and it is fresh; the fruits and vegetables to be cut should be cleaned;
Turn on the power, start the motor, try the juicer, check if the spindle spiral direction is correct, whether the sound is normal, etc.

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