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Basic outline of spiral juicer
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Basic outline of spiral juicer

Author:HanLong Date:2021-9-2

Function of screw juicer
Screw juicer is often used in our daily life. It is a practical equipment and can bring us a lot of convenience. There are spiral juicers, food spiral juicers, kitchen waste spiral juicers and so on.
1. When using the screw juicer, there is a certain gap between the sieve bucket and the sieve trough, and certain food residues will remain during the squeezing process, so care should be taken when cleaning. Of course, the squeezed juice will be cloudy to some extent.
2. In the process of squeezing equipment, be careful not to let the hard material flow into the equipment, which will cause different degrees of damage to it, so be careful.
3. When the equipment cannot be used for more than a certain time, the residual liquid should be cleaned to prevent blockage.

Crushing equipment

Types of screw juicer
Spiral juicer can be divided into single spiral juicer and double spiral juicer according to spiral form. According to different pressing principles, it can be divided into continuous screw juicer and intermittent screw juicer. Attention should also be paid to some situations when using, and problems should be solved in time to make better use of the equipment.
When using the screw juicer, check the bearings in time. If any damage is found, it should be reported to the leader in time, and relevant maintenance personnel should be notified to carry out maintenance. When the degree of damage is very large, it is necessary to replace the new bearings, and the old bearings can no longer be used, otherwise, failures may occur. In addition, be careful not to stick too much water, too much water may lead to rusting of equipment.So pay attention.

Floor plan of the spiral juicing machine

Characteristics of screw juicer
Screw juicer is widely used in many fields and consists of many parts. The screw of the screw juicer rotates together with the spindle bearing. After the material is transported, the screw is sleeved on the bearing and rotates in the opposite direction to the pressing screw. The material squeezing force is large and uniform, and it is operated by hydraulic cylinder. Adjusting the spring can improve the pressure effect of materials.Screw juicer can make materials reach the specified dehydration rate, with low cost and convenient use. If no parts are damaged during use, the running speed is slow, and the expected dehydration effect is not achieved, it means that the capacitance of the equipment is relatively small, and the user only needs to replace a large-capacity capacitor. Screw juicer can run normally at the initial stage of use,It cannot run quickly after a period of use. This may be because the capacitor is flooded with water, and it is easy to leak electricity, so it is necessary to replace the same type of capacitor.

Cleaning work of screw juicer
Screw juicer is a kind of equipment for squeezing materials. Due to long-term contact with various materials, some sundries may remain inside the equipment. Checking and cleaning these residues in time can prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate. Under normal circumstances, check whether the screw juicer is clean when not in use, such as whether there are sundries sticking on the filter belt.The filter belt is often used for filtering, so pay attention to check whether it is damaged. Both residues and damage will affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, in this case, clean up sundries and replace damaged parts in time. The water outlet of the liquid collecting tank is a device for discharging the liquid of the treated material. Pay attention to check whether it is unblocked or blocked.Pay attention to the operation method when cleaning the screw juicer, and carefully clean some residues which have strong adhesion and are difficult to clean, so as to avoid rusting caused by improper use of tools when scraping the screw juicer.

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