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Colloid mill

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  • 200-480KG
    Weight(Specific to actual production)
  • 0.1-7t/h
    Production capacity
  • 1.1-18.5kw
    Equipped with power
  • 840×430×1050mm
    Dimensions(Specific to actual production)
Colloid mill
  • Colloid mill

    Colloid mill

  • Colloid mill

    Colloid mill

  • Colloid mill

    Colloid mill

  • Colloid mill

    Colloid mill

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Product parameter

Production capacityt/h
Matched power kw
Dimensions mm




720× 340×980



Product details

This machine is a wet-type material micro-processing machine. According to different purposes, different materials and hardness of grinding teeth can be selected, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly and easy to clean.

I. Overview
JM series Colloid mill is a new type of second-generation equipment for wet ultrafine processing, suitable for the homogenization and floating of various emulsion , Dispersion, mixing, crushing, grinding. Widely used in food (fruit pulp, fruit juice, protein milk, soy milk, milk tea, dairy products, beverages, etc.), pharmacy (various syrups, nutrient solutions, Chinese patent medicines, paste medicaments, etc.), daily chemicals (toothpaste, cosmetics, etc.) Detergents, etc.), chemicals (pigments, dyes, coatings, lubricants, petroleum catalysts, etc.), emulsified asphalt, coal flotation agents, ceramic glazes, emulsion explosives, nanomaterials and other industries.
2. Structure
JM series Colloid mill products are characterized by compact design, beautiful appearance, good sealing, stable performance, convenient operation, simple decoration, and high production efficiency. It is an ideal processing equipment for handling fine materials.
JM series Colloid mill products are made of high-strength stainless steel except for the motor and some parts. . In particular, the key moving and static grinding discs are strengthened, so they have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so that the processed materials are clean and sanitary.
The main structure of the JM series Colloid mill is composed of grinding head parts, base transmission part and special motor. Among them, the movable grinding disc and static grinding disc of the grinding head part are the key parts of the machine, so the selection must be different according to the nature of the material being processed. But the materials are all made of stainless steel. One-piece (also called vertical) motors are specially designed according to different models, and a water retaining plate is added to the flange end of the motor to prevent leakage. The vertical structure is shown in Figures 1 and 2, and the split structure is shown in Figure 3 (attached).
3. Principles
The basic working principle of Colloid mill is shearing, grinding and high-speed stirring force. Grinding depends on the relative movement of the tooth-shaped slope of the grinding disc. One of them rotates at a high speed, and the other is stationary, so that the material passing through the material between the toothed slopes is subjected to large shear force and friction force, and at the same time, the material is ground under the action of complex forces such as high-frequency vibration and high-speed vortex. , Emulsification, crushing, homogenization, and mixing to obtain fine and ultra-fine benefits.
4, Install
The JM series Colloid mill operates smoothly with slight vibration. It can be placed on a flat ground or installed on a concrete foundation according to the needs of production and use. In order to facilitate the production and use of users, the bottom base of all types of Colloid mills are equipped with mounting holes. The installation dimensions of the vertical Colloid mill are shown in Figure 4 (attached).
5. Operation and precautions
1. Connect the feed door or feed pipe and the discharge port, then connect the discharge circulation pipe, and then connect the cooling Water pipe (JM-L50a, b without cooling water pipe system) and drain pipe.
2. Install the power starting device, (if possible, the user can be equipped with an ammeter and indicator light) after the power is connected, special Pay attention to the direction of power-on and determine whether the motor is rotating in the normal direction, or the direction from the feed inlet is consistent with the “red rotation direction sign” on the Colloid mill. Jue is forbidden to reverse.
3. Adjust the grinding disc gap, and loosen the two handles on the adjustment disc (dial) counterclockwise without turning on the machine Then turn the adjustment dial’clockwise’, and use one hand to reach into the square opening of the base to rotate the fan blades of the motor. When the adjustment dial is moved and there is a little friction, it immediately stops. At this time, the scale on the adjustment dial is aligned with the reading of the pointer on the body. The clearance between the moving and static grinding discs is ‘0’. But remember the reading number on the dial circle, this number is not 0 degrees and the gap of the grinding disc is ‘0’, and then turn the disc back (counterclockwise) to adjust the disc a few times to make the grinding disc gap slightly larger than 0. Generally, in the case of meeting the fineness requirements of the processed materials, the gap between the grinding discs should be made as large as possible, so as to extend the service life of the equipment. Then tighten the handle to lock the adjustment plate to fix the gap between the grinding plates.
4. Connect the cooling water (JM——L50a, b without cooling water pipe system), start the Colloid mill and feed it immediately after it runs normally Into the grinding process and production.
5. Before turning on the machine, add water or other liquids related to the processing materials into the feed door. Put in the materials immediately when turning on the machine, otherwise It will damage the hard composite seals and even cause leakage and burn the motor.
6. The processed materials are not allowed to contain quartz or broken glass; metal and other hard materials are mixed into it, and it is best to use a 15 mesh/inch screen The net is processed after sieving. Otherwise, the grinding will damage the moving and static grinding discs.
7. Pay attention to the motor load for processing materials, and reduce the feeding when the overload is found.
8. During the operation of the Colloid mill, do not close the discharge valve to avoid excessive pressure in the mill cavity and cause leakage.
9. The Colloid mill is a high-density machine with small disc clearance and fast running speed. Operators should strictly guard their posts, operate in accordance with regulations, stop the machine in time when any fault is found, and resume production after troubleshooting.
After the Colloid mill is used, it should be disinfected and cleaned inside the body. Do not leave the material in the body to avoid hard mechanical sticking. Knotted and damaged.
6. Maintenance and repair
1. The Colloid mill is a high-density machine with a line speed of up to 20m/sec, and the grinding disc gap is small. After repairing, it must be assembled with a dial indicator. The coaxiality error between the main housing and the main shaft should be ≤0.05 m m.
2. When repairing the machine, do not directly strike with a hammer during the process of disassembly, assembly and adjustment. Use a wooden hammer or a wooden block to knock lightly to avoid damage to the parts.
3. Seals of this machine: divided into static and dynamic seals. The static seal adopts O-type rubber ring, and the dynamic seal adopts hard mechanical combined seal. If scratches on the hard sealing surface are found, the flat glass or flat casting should be immediately polished and repaired. The abrasive material is ≥200# silicon carbide abrasive paste. If the seal is damaged or severely cracked, replace it immediately.
4. During use, regular maintenance should be carried out according to the processing materials.
5. For the maintenance and use of the motor, please refer to the motor manual.
6. Most of the random spare parts are national standard and ministry standard parts, which are purchased all over the country.

Vertical Colloid mill JM-L type   Picture 1

1, Base 2, Motor 3, End cover 4, Circulating pipe 5, Handle 6, Adjusting plate 7, Cooling water connector 8, Feeding door 9, Rotary vane knife 10, Movable grinding disc 11, Static grinding disc 12, Static grinding disc seat 13, O-ring 14, Mechanical seal 15, Shell 16, Combined seal 17, Drain pipe joint

Vertical Colloid mill JM-L50a-b type   Figure 2

1, Base 2, Motor 3, Housing 4, Coupling 5, Mechanical seal 6, Handle 7, Lock screw 8 , Feeding door 9, Feeding pipe 10, Adjusting disc 11, Static grinding disc 12, Moving grinding disc 13, Circulating pipe

Separated Colloid mill JM-F type   Figure 3

1, Driven pulley 2, Bearing 3, Main shaft 4, Frame 5, Bearing 6, Discharge port 7, Cooling water Joint 8, Feed cover 9, Handle 10, Bearing 11, Limit nut 12, Feeding door 13, Rotary vane knife 14, Movable grinding disc 15, Static grinding disc 16, Adjusting disc 17, Mechanical seal 18, Housing 19, Drain Hole 20, Motor 21, Adjusting screw 22, Triangle skin 23, Motor seat 24, Driving pulley 25, Base

Diameter D
Diameter a

Note: Please refer to the motor manual for the installation dimensions of JM-W horizontal single machine


1. Before starting the Colloid mill, you should turn on the cooling water first, and then add water or emulsion materials, otherwise, idling will cause serious damage Dynamic and static grinding discs for hard seals.
2. The processing materials are not allowed to be mixed with hard materials such as quartz, broken glass, and metal.
3. The moving and static grinding disc bushings, hard seals and other parts are made of jing-dense materials, and cannot be hammered directly tap.

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