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Pre sales service

01 Product Structure Positioning

Designate product structure based on existing resources and development direction

02 Factory Construction Guide

Based on the overall layout design of the factory, make a reasonable electrical installation and layout

03 Product Technical Exchange

Provide an authoritative technology exchange platform to explore high-quality solutions

04 Market Positioning Guide

Provide industry information and development ideas based on market demand

05 Factory Layout Design

Provide a reasonable equipment layout plan based on the size of the factory building

06 Equipment Design Plan

Provide flexible and diverse technical solutions to meet customer needs

Equipment production process

Confirm equipment configuration and details with the customer.

Create a production schedule

Preliminary processing of material separation using a cutting machine.

CNC machining center (machine tool) or lathe for precision machining.

Technical personnel assemble production.

Using stainless steel and engineering plastics that meet relevant standards and requirements.

The surface needs to undergo rust prevention or anti-corrosion treatment to extend the service life of the product.

Test each machine and connect the trial machine.

Equipment packaging and transportation.

Installation and commissioning site

Installation and commissioning site

Installation and commissioning site

Installation and commissioning site

After sales service

  • Invite customers to the factory for equipment inspection.

  • Engineers install and debug equipment.

  • Free instruction on equipment operation, maintenance, and operation.

  • Resolve equipment usage issues for customers during online working hours.

  • Lifetime support for accessory services.

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